School hours


Bell times

  • 8.30am - children to be dismissed from undercover waiting area
  • 8.45am - children to wait outside classrooms
  • 8.50am - classrooms opened, rolls marked
  • 9.00am - classes begin – first session
  • 11.00am - eating time (first break)
  • 11.10am - children dismissed from eating area – free to move to play area
  • 11.40am - children return to class
  • 11.45am - classes begin – middle session
  • 1.15pm - afternoon tea break
  • 1.45pm - children return to class
  • 1.50pm - lessons recommence
  • 3.00pm - dismissal

School commences each day at 8.50am The first bell rings at 8.45am. Students should be at school by this time to allow them to settle down and prepare for the day’s lessons. We ask that parents do not deliver any children to school before 8.00am unless attending prearranged rehearsals or practices. This is for your child’s own safety.

We do not provide formal supervision before or after school. Students are therefore asked to remain in the designated areas. It is expected that Parents who need supervision for their students after 3.15pm will use the After School Care facilities available.

For Safety reasons, the adventure play areas and the hall are out of bounds before and after school. Students may use the grassed areas with restricted use of sporting equipment. Any child still on school premises after 3.15pm must wait outside the administration office. If you are running late for any unexpected reason, we ask that you contact the school office before 2.45pm so we can get a message to your child/children. The school office closes at 4.00pm. You should not leave children at school after 4.00pm.

School attendance

To comply with the regulations, parents must provide an explanation regarding a child’s absence from school. Please inform the school on each day of your child’s absence by telephoning our Absentee Line on 3712 5111

*Press 1+, no later than 9.00am. It is vital to your child’s learning that attendance be regular.

If your child is unable to participate in physical education, please advise the teacher via a note to explain the situation.

Late arrival

Students who arrive to school after 9.00am.are required to report to the office to receive a late arrival slip to pass to the class teacher.

Leaving school grounds

Children are not permitted to leave the school grounds during school hours without permission of the Principal or Class Teacher and must be accompanied by an adult. To ensure the safety of your child, parents collecting students early must go to the office and sign the Early Departure Book. Parents will then be issued with an exemption form, which they are required to take to the child’s classroom and hand to the classroom teacher. Please note that children will not be released into the care of any person who is not listed on their enrolment form as the parent / caregiver or adult emergency contact.

Prep students arrival and departure

Prep students must be escorted by a responsible adult to and from their classroom each day for Term 1 and Term 2. In terms 3 and 4, Prep students must be dropped off at the classroom by an authorised adult but the class teacher will discuss the other methods of collection of prep students. There is no supervision in the playgrounds before or after school so students and their siblings are not permitted to play in these areas.

Last reviewed 20 March 2019
Last updated 20 March 2019