​​​​Values and Philosophy in Sport at Algester State School

The core value of sport at Algester State School is to support and coach every student to achieve their very best. Our aim is to create better people first and foremost. Through mentoring relationships, coaches nurture and develop athletes' physical, social, emotional, and cognitive capabilities. Better people create better athletes.

At Algester State School we believe that sport should be safe and enjoyable, maximising individual participation and be as inclusive as possible. We believe that a positive experience in sport will contribute to students developing a lifelong love of sport and our program is provided to encourage school spirit, enjoyment and education in sportsmanship.

Philosophy of Sport

Sport is an integral part of school life at Algester State School. We have a 'sport for all' philosophy and we encourage participation to give students the opportunity to receive appropriate experiences in various forms of sporting endeavour.

Sport Vision

Our Vision is for Algester State School to:

  • Influence and inspire athletes to set high expectations for themselves and the school
  • Constantly better the reputation of the jersey
  • Give athletes a sense of belonging and purpose bigger than themselves
  • Develop athletes who become ambassadors of the school
  • Create resilient individuals who benefit their community and enhance the reputation of the school.

Sport Aims

We will provide students with a broad range of experiences and will endeavour to ensure all interested students are given the best opportunity to participate within the confines of practical organisation and operation.

  • To promote the opportunity for all students to actively participate in a wide, centralised, range of individual and team sports
  • To develop student qualities of: self-esteem, personal fitness, team commitment, sense of fair play and school spirit
  • To provide pathways and support for students to achieve sporting success at the highest levels
  • To develop physical skills to ensure competitive school sporting teams
  • To enhance each student's capacity to make informed lifestyle decisions
  • To pursue excellence at all levels, for individuals and for teams.

Algester State School's Structure of Sport

Algester State School offers a range of sporting activities; Athletics, Cross Country, Swimming and "Gala Day" Sports.

Cross country

Students are encouraged to participate in the Inter-house Carnival and represent their House to the best of their ability.

It is from here that the Interschool team is selected to attend the Eastern Taipans District competition, and the opportunity of higher representation at the Metropolitan West Regional, State and National Levels is available.

Athletics - Sports Days

There are four separate Athletics​ carnival days – one for the Junior School Prep to Year 3 and three days for the Upper School Years 4 – 6. The Junior Sports Day has an emphasis on participation and skill development. The Senior Sports Days commence with long distance 800m race and finals for High Jump, Long Jump, Discus and Shot-Put. The other day is for participation games for all students and 100m sprints. Students, who are 10 years or older, have the opportunity to represent the school at the District Athletics Carnival.  

It is from here that the Interschool team is selected to attend the Eastern Taipans District competition, and the opportunity of higher representation at Metropolitan West Regional, State and National Levels is available.

Soccer Boys Gala Day 30 April 21.jpgInterschool Sports (Gala Days)

Algester State School competes in the Sunnybank Sport Cluster for "Gala Day" sports. Set numbers of Gala Days are determined throughout the year in coordination with other schools in the cluster in both a Summer and Winter Sports context.  Algester State School is responsible for team and training organisation around each sport and competitions are held on set Fridays, usually on a round robin basis with other cluster schools.

Within the category of "Gala Day" sports, four Major Sports are offered at Algester State School. These sports are considered the premier sports provided, will be promoted, developed and selected with priority and are specifically designated to give students who show high skill and attitudinal levels pathways into future avenues of success.  These Major Sports; Netball, AFL, Touch and Rugby League are not gender specific and have been selected due to the further pathways of success offered through Algester State School links in addition to representation opportunities that include District and Regional competitions as well as Federation organised sporting competitions:

  • Netball – Q Cup.
  • AFL (Australian Rules) Football – Q Cup.
  • Rugby League- Metropolitan Cup and Developmental Cup
  • Touch Football – Primary All Schools Competition - Runcorn State High School (Appendix 4) – UQ Rebels

The running of other Gala Day Sports, including; Basketball, T-Ball / Softball, Soccer and Cricket is subject to sufficient student interest and adequate staff/coach availability and participation numbers. All participants are given the opportunity to represent at District and Regional levels while further representation is encourage through private club participation and development.

Students not participating in Gala Day Sport will be given the opportunity to represent the school in designated "experiential" activities. Children can nominate for a variety of both sporting and cultural activities to increase their worldly experience and allow for personal development in these areas.  These activities can include: Performing Arts, Visual Arts, Stem, Lawn Bowls, Squash or other activities dictated by student interest, adequate staff/coach availability and participation numbers.

Training for Gala Day sports takes place on school site and is scheduled for Friday afternoons in school time as a lead up to the competition days – all forms of sporting activity for that season, including experiential sports, conduct training or participation at this time.  Additionally, specific training for some sports can take place outside of school hours within the discretion of school sports coaches.


Students are encouraged to nominate within set time/ability parameters and participate in a School based swimming trials.

It is from here that an Interschool team is selected to attend the Eastern Taipans District competition, and allow opportunity for higher representation at the Metropolitan West Regional, State and National Levels.

Algester State School Sports Policy

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Last reviewed 23 March 2023
Last updated 23 March 2023