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​​Policies & Procedures

At Algester State School, we have a number of policies and procedures. Some are unique to our school and others are part of general policy for all State Schools from Education Queensland.

When parents enrol their children, they are required to sign agreements to a number of policies including an Enrolment Agreement.

Our school operational procedures are regularly updated in our Parent Handbook.  This is the first place to look when you want to know something about how our school works:

Link to Parent Handbook 2021.1

Algester State School Student Code Of Conduct

Our Student Code Of Conduct (PDF, 9.3 Mb) has been developed with our school community. It is designed to facilitate high standards of behaviour so that quality teaching and learning can take place in our school. As part of this plan the good behaviour of our students are acknowledged and rewarded with special tokens known as Success Key Cards. 

Success key cards graphic 

Positive Behaviour for Learning

Positive Behaviour for Learning (PBL) is a whole-school framework which promotes positive behaviour across a school and helps schools to develop a safe and supportive learning environment. In a whole-school approach, all members of the school community work together to establish simple, clear and explicit expectations for behaviour.

Student behaviour improves when students know what is expected of them and when good behaviour is recognised.



When schools adopt the PBL framework all students are explicitly taught the expected behaviours and clear and consistent boundaries are established. Schools take a proactive, preventative approach, ensuring that all students receive the appropriate level of support to help them to be successful at school. Student outcomes are monitored so that identified students can receive additional support when needed, and a minority of students can access intensive support to enable them to engage successfully at school.


Algester State School adopted PBL in 2019 and is currently implementing Tier 1 of the Program where we are developing consistency with our school wide programs. There are a number of components to PBL including setting high expectations for behaviour, actively teaching behaviour and acknowledging and rewarding good behaviour.  The school has a Rule of the Week which is based on data gained from disciplinary incidents in the school.  A Success Key Card in conjunction with a verbal acknowledgement is rewarded to students who exhibit good behaviour.  These cards are collected, collated and traded for various rewards from the School Rewards Shop.  Certificates are also award to students who achieve the established benchmarks for excellent behaviour.

This is an example of some of the items available from the Rewards Shop:

Rewards catalogue 

The children also automatically receive certificates and other incentives at various levels to encourage them to always display positive behaviour and good learning choices. The following is an example of a Car Bumper Sticker which is one of the awards.

Car bumper sticker  

To find out more about the Positive Behaviour for Learning Program at Algester State School, click the following link:

Positive Behaviour for Leaning 2021.1(PDF, 3 Mb)

Anti-bullying policy

Our school believes that the working environment for students and staff should be safe and free from violence, harassment and bullying of any kind. Bullying, violence and harassment are not tolerated because they infringe on our fundamental rights to safety and fair treatment.

The school has a specific anti-Bullying Policy and this can be found as an Appendix to the Student Code Of Conduct (PDF, 9.3 MB).

The school also uses the High 5 Tool (PDF, 519KB) to support anti-bullying.

Last reviewed 29 March 2022
Last updated 29 March 2022