Parental involvement in your child’s education is greatly encouraged at Algester Primary School. During these early educational years it is so important to be informed and involved in order to provide the best support for your child.

One way to stay in touch with your school is to be involved with the Parents & Citizen Association (P&C). All parents, guardians, carers and friends are most welcome to participate in the Association’s endeavours which in return will have a major input in the life of your child and the workings of Algester Primary School.

Why is it important to have a P&C committee?

The Government provides schools with grounds, buildings, wages and basic resources and as such an amount is calculated on the basis of student numbers. Your Parent & Citizens Association supplements these resources and provides items for students which are not normally supplied by the Government. These include the School Hall, extra shade areas around the school, additional resources such as technology (computers, electronic whiteboards and associated equipment), library resources, reading room books, playground and sporting equipment just to name a few.

Money is raised through voluntary family contributions, the Uniform Shop, Tuckshop and other fundraising ventures held throughout the year.

The Uniform Shop and Tuckshop are run by employed convenors and assisted by a team of volunteer parents whose services are essential for their successful operation.

All staff and parents of children attending this school are entitled to be members of the P&C.

P&C monthly meetings

We at Algester Primary School are very fortunate to have a strong and friendly P&C association. It’s easy to be involved all you need to do is join us at our friendly and relaxed P&C meetings. The P&C meet on the third Tuesday of each month in the Staffroom at 6:00pm. General school improvement and matters of educational interest are discussed at these meetings. New parents are warmly welcomed to the meetings and we are always ready to listen to fresh ideas, which can only benefit and enhance this fantastic school. Monthly meetings are always advertised in our eNews.

P&C Liaison Officer

The P&C Association employs its own P&C Liaison Officer who plays an active role in the school and the day to day general running of the P&C operations.

Small Events Team (SET)  

The Small Events Team hold their Ordinary General Meeting (OGM) on the second Wednesday of each month from 9.00am to 11.00am in the Staffroom. And also meet in the P&C block every Wednesday except on stall days. 

The group runs:

  • Easter Raffle

  • Mother’s Day Stall

  • Father’s Day Stall

  • Christmas Stalls.    

Everyone is welcome to come along to a meeting. Young children are welcome. We have a selection of toys for babies and toddlers.

Last reviewed 21 March 2019
Last updated 21 March 2019