School grounds and classrooms


Sheep Station Gully Environmental Science Centre

 Sheep Station Gully Environmental Science Centre

Algester School and St Stephens Primary School share a purpose built Environmental Science facility between both campuses. Staff and students, as part of their Science curriculum lessons throughout the school year, use this unique environmentally friendly facility.

Multimedia and Performing Arts Centre (AMAC)

The Performing Arts Centre houses a performance classroom, a multimedia classroom, a computer classroom and a resource centre.  

 Performance classroom

The performance centre, with its state of the art audio and lighting equipment enhances our focus on the arts which involves such events as: an annual concert or Arts Festival; an Enhancement program with components focussing on drama, dance, visual arts, music or media; Algester Talent Show: a successful instrumental music program, dance clubs and Cheerleading. It also used extensively by all our students in their performance related units.


Resource centre  

The Resource Centre is home to our book and audio-visual collection. It is an exciting and very engaging space for learning and teaching. The resource centre is open from 8.30 – 3.30pm each day for borrowing and returning of books.

Music room


We have three specialised Music rooms at our school: a Music classroom and two Instrumental Music practice rooms. These rooms are fully equipped with a variety of musical instruments, which are lent to students who are included in our Instrumental Music program for a period of one year.

Our hall

 Hall  hall 

The Hall provides a venue for a variety of activities for the school and the broader community. Our school uses it regularly for assemblies, physical education, sport, dances, performances, special events and celebrations. The community hires the hall for sport, leisure and religious activities.

The amphitheatre

 The amphitheatre

The amphitheatre space located beside the Hall is an open area venue used for performance, class presentations and group gatherings. It is covered with shades to provide a shaded meeting venue for students.

Our grounds

Our grounds provide facilities to support learning across the curriculum. Attractive covered areas, tables and chairs and concreted areas provide spaces for classes or groups of students to work outside the buildings.

Outdoor area  Outdoor area

 Outdoor area  Outdoor area 

The outdoor facilities make available open playing areas as well as purpose built recreation equipment. These are used to support our health related units, as well as providing exciting play spaces for students.

Middle school playground – Year 2 and Year 3

 Middle school playground  Middle school playground

Junior school playground – Year 1

Junior school playground 

Prep playground – Prep

Prep playground 

Our hall and tennis courts

 Hall and tennis courts

Algester has a double, multi-purpose, fenced court area for sports such as tennis and netball. This is utilised by the school and by the community.

The school hall and tennis court are available for hire. As there are no lights on the tennis court, they are only available for day use. Contact our P & C Liaison officer on 0433 157 702 or e-mail for hiring information.

Last reviewed 25 May 2021
Last updated 25 May 2021