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Parent information night

Within the first half of Term 1, teachers present an information night to meet the parents of their students, outline the curriculum for the year and inform of class procedures.

Each year level will send home an invitation to attend these information sessions within the first couple of weeks.

The purpose of this night is to provide general year level and class information.

This evening is not an opportunity to have a one-on-one discussion with the class teacher.


Parent interviews - oral

Term 1

Parent Interviews will be scheduled in weeks 9 and 10 of Term 1. A note will be sent home to invite parents to nominate their 3 preferred interview times within the interview period. This is an integral part of building the home-school partnership to support your child's learning. All parents are expected to participate in these valuable interviews.

Term 3

If you would like to discuss your child’s progress with their classroom teacher, our staff will make time available in week 9 of Term 3. Please contact your child’s teacher in the usual manner, via direct contact, a note or email to arrange a mutually agreeable time. Teachers may also invite some parents with whom they wish to discuss your child’s progress with them. You are not obliged to take part in this round of parent interviews and do not need to if you feel you have sufficient information about your child’s progress at school.

School reports - written

In accordance with departmental guidelines written reports are issued at the end of each semester. Written reports will be emailed to parents at the end of Term 2 and Term 4.

Classroom communication

Open communication between parents and staff creates positive relationships based on trust and shared responsibility for your child’s learning. Two way communication is an important aspect of our school’s interaction with the community.

The school needs to inform parents about school events and about the progress of your child. Knowing what goes on in your child’s school and figuring out the best way to communicate with the school staff can assist you to be effective in supporting your child.


All classes at Algester State School, use Seesaw for students to upload work and send announcements to students and families. At the start of every year, teachers will send out an invitation for you to join Seesaw Family to view your child/ren's work. Families are encouraged to engage Seesaw Family by:

  • liking / commenting on your child/ren's work
  • talking with your child/ren about the work that they uploaded
  • extend their learning at home from what they uploaded.

Classroom notes

Class and information notes are written on specific topics and will go home at different times through the year. Please ensure your child understands the importance of passing these notes to you.

Sharing information

Events in family life such as a major illness, visits of significant relatives, accidents, and the death of close relatives, friends or pets can cause major concern or change in the behaviour of your child. Please share this information with your child’s teacher so that they may best support your child if needed.

Raising concerns

From time to time, parents may have a concern arising from matters that occur in the school. We believe these concerns are best addressed as early as possible following the protocol outlined below:

  1. Arrange a mutually convenient interview time with your child’s teacher.

  2. Clarify issues involved in the concern at the beginning of the meeting (or prior to the meeting if possible).

  3. Share available information about the issue.

  4. Give the teacher an opportunity to tell all he / she knows of the issue.

  5. Take steps to resolve the concern (even if a resolution does not occur they may be a useful exchange of information).

  6. If not resolved, then an appointment should be made with the relevant Deputy Principal.


Most teachers provide parents with their school email address at the Parent Information Night at the beginning of the year. The policy for use of email is that teachers will respond to the email within two working days. Any urgent communication should be forwarded through the school office. Any email enquiries can be directed to:

General school communication

eNews – electronic newsletter

School newsletters are issued every second Wednesday. It contains important information with regard to school matters and is the major means of communication between the school and home.

Algester Primary School offers you interactive, full colour electronic newsletters emailed direct to your email address.

Calendar of events

At the beginning of each term a term Calendar of Events will be sent home via the eldest child in each family. This document contains important information about what is happening in the school during that particular term.

View the Calendar of events on our website.

Parade days

All parents are invited to join us for weekly parade in the school hall, which include information, performances and the awarding of certificates for students.

Students attending Junior Parade will bring their belongings with them and will be dismissed from the Hall after parade.

Students attending Senior Parade will return to their class prior to dismissal.

  • Junior Parade (Prep - Year 2) each Monday at 2.30–3.00pm
  • Senior Parade (Year 3 - Year 6) each Wednesday at 2.30–2.55pm
Last reviewed 25 March 2019
Last updated 25 March 2019