School uniform


Our school from Prep to Year 6 is a uniform school. The P&C of Algester State School resolves that is supports a student dress code because it believes that it promotes the objectives of the Education (General Provisions) Act 2006.  In particular the P & C of our school supports the intention of a student dress code in providing a safe and supportive teaching and learning environment by:

  • ready identification of students and non-students at school
  • eliminating distraction of competition in dress and fashion at school
  • fostering a sense of belonging
  • developing a mutual respect among students through minimising visible evidence of economic or social differences.

This policy has been endorsed by our P & C Association and all students are expected to wear the correct school uniform.  Sanctions such as verbal reminders to students, a letter home to parents or detentions etc may be imposed for not wearing the correct school uniform.  Children are expected to wear their uniform on all excursions as it assists to promote our school’s image in the community while making it easier to locate them in a crowd.

Boys’ uniform

Unisex polo shirt: Green unisex polo shirt, green collar, vertical gold and white stripe, school name and motto.

Shorts – Bottle green unisex shorts, no longer than knee length.

Girls’ uniform

Girls may wear culottes, shorts or netball skirt with the unisex polo shirt (especially for sporting activities)

Tunic: green and white check, zip front, princess line, full short sleeve, gold piping on front seam and sleeves with action back pleat, zippered pocket in side seam.

Culottes: bottle green, fitted waist band, front pleating, side pockets inserted.

Sports Skirt: Bottle green netball skirt or unisex bottle green shorts.

Shorts:  Bottle green unisex shorts.

Unisex Polo shirt: Green unisex polo shirt, green collar, vertical gold and white stripe, school name and motto.

Special considerations

The principal will give consideration for religious, cultural and medical needs with respect to changes or additions to the school uniform.


Closed in laced or Velcro black shoes with white socks.  Slip on canvas shoes, thongs and open sandals are dangerous and are not permitted.


Our Sunsafe Rule is: 'No Sunsafe Hat, No Play'.  Consequently all children must wear an appropriate Sunsafe hat while engaged in activities in the open.  Students must wear the school bucket hat.

Winter uniform

Microfiber jacket in school colours: cardigan or jumper in dark green with or without gold trim.  Three quarter legging type items are not to be worn.  Girls may also wear green stockings.


The only jewellery to be worn at school are earrings (studs or sleepers and no more than one per ear), a watch and a signet ring.  It is against Workplace Health and Safety Regulations to allow any other piercing apart from the ears.  Similarly, no bracelets, anklets or necklaces are to be worn. Nail polish or makeup is not permitted. Temporary tattoos are also forbidden.


Extreme hairstyles are not permitted.  All hair that is shoulder length or longer is required to be worn pulled back and secured away from the face and shoulders with a scrunchie, band or ribbon (preferably green or white).  Mohawk styles, coloured hair or tracks in the hair are not permitted. Rat’s tails must be hidden.

Last reviewed 21 March 2019
Last updated 21 March 2019