Sports Code Of Conduct


All players, coaches, parents and spectators are required to follow our school recognised code of behaviour outlined below. Each individual involved in a sporting endeavour is required to agree to and sign a Code of Conduct document before representing Algester State School.

Student Code of Conduct

  • Take responsibility for your own behaviour and performance
  • Compete by the competition conditions and rules
  • Never argue with the Judge's, Referee's or Umpire's decision
  • Control your temper – no criticism by word or gesture
  • Work equally hard for yourself and your team
  • Be a good sport. Encourage and support your own team members
  • Show respect for yourself, your team mates, officials, your opponents and their skills
  • Behave in a manner that respects the rights of others
  • Stay in the designated team area and support other team members during times when you are not competing

Parents and Spectators Code of Conduct

  • Cooperate with the school to achieve the best outcomes for your child
  • Support team and event officials in maintaining a safe and respectful learning environment
  • Maintain positive relationships with team officials
  • Encourage participation by your children
  • Provide a model of good sportsmanship for your child to copy
  • Be courteous and constructive in your communication with players, team officials, game officials and sport administrators
  • Encourage honest effort, skilled performance and team loyalty
  • Do not interfere with the conduct of any events
  • Demonstrate appropriate social behaviour at sport events
  • Remember children play for enjoyment
  • Let game officials conduct events without interference.
  • Support skilled performances and team play with generous applause
  • Demonstrate respect for opposing players and their supporters
  • Support School Sport Australia's policy of a smoke and alcohol free environment

Coaches Code of Conduct:

  • Set a good example for your players
  • Encourage and create opportunities
  • Teach a wide range of team skills
  • Ensure that the sport is appropriate for the age group and the skill development level of the players involved
  • Teach your players to be friendly towards officials and opponents
  • Give all selected students a chance to participate in training and in games
  • Remove from the field of play any players whose behaviour is not acceptable
  • Keep your own knowledge of coaching and the developments of the game up to date.

Breach of School Policies:

The following may apply to players deemed to have breached the schools policies:

  • For minor incidents, the coach has the authority to remove players from the field/court.
  • For major incidents, the coach will remove the player from the field/court and at their earliest convenience refer the matter to the principal/deputy for final decision on action to be taken; including suspending players from participation. Should players representing two or more schools be involved in the incident the school administration of each school should collaboratively determine the response to the incident and a report to the relevant organisation responsible for the coordination of the sport may be deemed necessary.

For all other participants in school sport (coaches/managers/spectators/parents) deemed to have breached the school policies, the principal has the right to:

1. Require a volunteer to withdraw from coaching/manager roles at any time if concerns exist about their suitability for the role.

 2. Remove a person (parent, caregiver or otherwise) from the school grounds if their behaviour threatens the well-being of staff, parents or children.


Last reviewed 18 May 2020
Last updated 18 May 2020