Programs and partnerships


Extension programs for high achieving students

STEM Coordinator

Algester Primary School has a dedicated staff member who is the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Maths) Coordinator.  This teacher arranges the Digital Technologies including the Coding Curriculum at the school for all of our students.  Algester Primary School has a Digital Technologies Curriculum for Prep - Year 6 students.

Upper 2 bands champion

Algester Primary School has another dedicated member of staff who advocates for the students who achieve just below the top of the class and provides assistance and challenges for these students to raise their performance to the top two academic bands.  

Age appropriate strategies in Prep

Algester Primary School is leading the way in the local area in introducing a new Age Appropriate Strategies approach to the Prep & Year 1 Curriculum.  Age Appropriate Strategies present the curriculum in varied and developmentally appropriate ways to young children that ensure they are well engaged and able to undertake the cognitive tasks placed on them.  Learning is challenging, fun and future focussed.

Interschool STEM Competitions

Students from the school regularly enter STEM based competitions against other schools.  These provide opportunities for our students to be extended and show off their talents.  The students below were the Overall Winners and 1st Choice from the Audience in the Design Competition in 2019 for Yr 5 students against Calamvale Community College and Sunnybank Hills State School.


Coding classes

All students in Years 5 & 6 are taught how to code using iconic block programming tools that can be utilised to create designs, animations and simple games.  Students have opportunities to be extended to create sophisticated code if they have an appitude for it.  Tutorials are available for students to move to more universal code such as Python as they progress to high school if that is what they desire.  The future is now and kids love to code.  

Coding club

Algester has several lunchtime clubs to support students to learn to code. 

Robotics lessons

All students learn to make and program simple robots at Algester Primary School across multiple year levels.  They can make their robots move through mazes, make sounds and react to their environment.  Students can progress to more sophisticated levels if they have the capability. Formal robotics lessons take place in Prep (BeeBots), Year 1 (Spheroes), Year 2 (Lego, We Do), Year 4 (Lego, EV3s) and Year 6 (Lego, Prime Spike).

Bring Your Own Device program

Algester Primary School has implemented a whole school Bring Your Own Device program since 2018. Children bring their own iPad to support their learning.  These devices are used extensively as part of the children's learning.  They are not just replacements for traditional pen and paper practices, as these devices allow for transformative 21st Century Learning to take place.  Students often App Crash (use several Apps at once) to produce learning products that are multimodal, collaborative and rich in creative design and expression.  Students in these classes are well engaged in their learning and learn to analyse, synthesize and create learning to stretch themselves.The devices are used between 40-60% of the school day. The school has also formed close partnerships with Apple Education to develop our support for these devices and are currently on a journey to become an Apple Distinguished School.  The school provides devices that are shared between two students for those children that are unable to provide their own devices. Close to 90% of our parent community currently provide devices for their children.


The teachers at Algester plan for differentiated learning, where they teach to the individuals within their classrooms as well as the curriculum.  This means we are focused on what your child needs for their next steps of their learning.

Digitial technologies curriculum

Algester Primary School has adopted the National Digital Technologies Curriculum and our students are learning about the numerous elements that bring technology into our lives.  This curriculum is optional for Queensland but one in which Algester Primary School continues to engage in for its students.  Together with our coding, robotics and iPad programs you can be assured that your students will experienced cutting edge 21st Century Learning at Algester Primary School.

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Last reviewed 25 May 2021
Last updated 25 May 2021