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Student leadership

Student Council

Students in years 3 – 6 are elected by their class group to participate in the student council as part of the school leadership program. A senior school teacher co-ordinates the student council to:

  • Represent the students
  • Participate in decision making processes
  • Communicate to classes
  • Bring issues raised by students to meetings
  • Fundraise for charities and school facilities
  • Assist with the working of the school   

Student Leaders

The Leadership program in our school encourages initiative, responsibility, civic duty and leadership in our senior students. It is an integral part of the senior school program and involves the selection and election of:

  • School Captains
  • Arts Captains,
  • Band, Strings and Choir Captains

  • Library Captains

  • House Captains

Peer mediators are also selected from the pool of potential captain candidates to run the peer mediator program in the school. Other roles of responsibility in the senior school are:

  • Arts Ambassadors

  • Library Monitors.  

Elected leaders in the senior school are expected to complete the roles and responsibilities of their position, complete class tasks in a timely manner and demonstrate outstanding behaviour and attitude at school.

All students in the Senior Year participate in the Leadership Program. They complete community service jobs around the school and are recognised after completing each level of the program by:

  • A School Leader Certificate

  • A School Leader Badge

  • An Embroidered Shirt [student name embroidered on their Year 6 shirt]


These awards are presented on parade.