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Communication with school


Open Communication

Open communication between parents and staff creates positive relationships based on trust and shared responsibility for your child’s learning. Two-way communication is an important aspect of our school’s interaction with the community. 
The school informs parents about school events and about the progress of your child.  Knowing what goes on in your child’s school and figuring out the best way to communicate with the school staff can assist you to be effective in supporting your child.

Sharing information

Events in family life such as a major illness, visits of significant relatives, accidents, and the death of close relatives, friends or pets can cause major concern or change in the behaviour of your child. Please share this information with your child’s teacher so that they may best support your child if needed.

Raising Concerns

From time to time, parents may have a concern arising from matters that occur in the school.  We believe these concerns are best addressed in the school within our “Open Communication” policy.  The following procedure should be followed:
If it concerns a class issue:
  • Arrange a mutually convenient interview time with your child’s teacher.
  • Clarify issues involved in the concern at the beginning of the meeting (or prior to the meeting if possible).
  • Share available information about the issue.
  • Give the teacher an opportunity to tell all he / she knows of the issue.
  • Take steps to resolve the concern (even if a resolution does not occur they may be a useful exchange of information).
  • If not resolved, then an appointment should be made with the Deputy Principal within that area of responsibility.  Parents are requested to follow the protocol, as it is important that concerns are raised as early as possible so that the escalation of difficulties may be prevented.  This procedure allows a calm approach where satisfactory resolutions result in win/win situations.

Parent Information Night

At the beginning of each year, usually in weeks 3 and 4, teachers provide an information night to meet the parents of their students and to inform them of the curriculum for the year and class procedures. Information about these sessions is via a note home. The purpose of this night is to provide information and is not a one-on-one interview opportunity. Should parents require individual time to discuss issues with their child’s teacher, they are free to make an appointment for an alternative time.

School Reports

A comprehensive program of written and oral reporting is in place:
  • Parent / Teacher interviews are conducted at the end of Term 1 and Term 3.
  • End of semester written report twice yearly.  Written reports will be emailed home to parents at the end of Term 2 and Term 4.
  • Parent / Teacher contact over issues of mutual concern is strongly encouraged.  Appointments need to be made at a mutually convenient time to allow teachers adequate preparation time, especially before school.

Information Updates

Class letter and information notes are written on specific topics and will go home at different times through the year.  Please ensure your child understands the importance of passing these notes to you.


Most teachers provide parents with their school email address at the Parent Information Night at the beginning of the year and are available on the school website. The policy for use of email is that teachers will respond to the email within two working days.  Any urgent communication should be forwarded through the school office.  Any other email enquiries can be directed to:

eNews – Electronic Newsletter

School newsletters are issued every second Wednesday.  It contains important information with regard to school matters and is the major means of communication between the school and home. All notes sent home are also linked to this newsletter for parents.
Algester Primary School offers you interactive, full colour electronic newsletters emailed direct to your email address.
How do you sign up?
To sign up for our eNews please go to and click on subscribe to our newsletter.  Australian Newsletter Services has made the signup process automated and only takes a few minutes when prompts are followed.  Your email address will only be used to send out our school eNews.

School Website

Algester State School has a website that contains current information about the school, the curriculum and other information. You can access this at

Algester Primary School Facebook Page

Algester Primary School has its own Facebook page to remind parents about upcoming events, showcase events that have occurred at school and to provide instantaneous information about changes to school routines due to poor weather or other difficulties. Log on to Facebook and Like our page to get these updates on your smartphone. Please note this is not a forum for discussion or complaints. If you have any issues, please contact the school or class teacher.

Q Schools App                                                                                

Parents can access most of the information on their smartphone from our school website on the Q Schools App. Download this app from iTunes or Google Play to your smartphone. You can then access all notes home from the website and also get most of the information from our website under the various headings.

Q Parents App

Algester Primary School is proud to offer QParents as a way to increase communication with parents.
The QParents web and mobile application provides a more convenient, easier way for parents and legal guardians of students to interact with our school. Parents can have a secure, online access to their child’s student information, anytime, anywhere, through a smartphone, tablet or computer.
QParents allows parents to connect instantly with the school to access and manage their child’s student information, including:
·      View attendance and absence details
·      Notify the school of a reason for absence (current or future)
·      View behaviour information
·      Access report cards
·      View unpaid invoice details, payment history and make payments online.
·      View and update student details, including medical conditions and address.
·      View enrolment details
Benefits of QParents
Convenience and time saving for parents
·      Parents can view and update their child’s details without having to contact the school.
·      Secure 24/7 online access
·      Available anytime, anywhere - access QParents on your smart phone tablet or computer
Information and instructions are available to parents of students currently enrolled at Algester Primary School. For those students enrolling in 2017 information and an invitation to register will be sent home in the first week of the school year. When registering you will need to verify 100 points of identity documents online. If you don’t reach the required points you can still register by finalising your details at the office. Ring now to find out how …phone 3712 5111.

Calendar of Events

At the beginning of each term a Term Calendar of Events will be sent home via the eldest child in each family.  This document contains important information about what is happening in the school during that particular term.
Principal’s Afternoon Tea
Each month, classroom teachers are asked to nominate the student from their class that has been achieving the best learning outcomes.  This student and parents or caregivers are then invited to attend the Principal’s class is asked to nominate two parents as its representative for each term’s meeting with the Principal.  This group of parents is given all the latest information about Education Queensland and our school initiatives.  It is hoped that these parents will then share this information with other parents.  It also gives them the opportunity to share ideas and concerns.

Assembly Days

All parents are invited to join us for assembly each week for information, performances and the awarding of certificates for students:
Ø  Junior Parade each Monday at 2.30 p.m. – 3.00 p.m.
Ø  Senior Parade each Wednesday at 2.30 p.m. – 3:00 p.m.
Both assemblies are held in the multi-purpose hall.  Students attending junior parade will bring their belongings to parade with them and will be collected or dismissed from the Hall after parade.