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No dogs at school


​The following is an extract from the School's Parent Handbook:

Dogs at school
While most dogs are family pets and may not react badly to child interaction, in a school setting, their behaviour may be excitable and unpredictable.  Some students may also react to dogs in an unpredictable way which could cause the dog or the child harm.  If you walk your dog to school with your children we ask that:
  • Aggressive or untrained dogs are not brought to school
  • You do not enter the school grounds with the dog
  • The dog is always walked on a secure leash
  • You don’t leave the dog unattended outside the school grounds
  • You and the dog wait for your children outside the school grounds away from the main thoroughfares to minimise contact with other students
  • You do not access the school grounds with the dog without the permission of the Principal.

We have had some incidents of parents bringing dogs into the school recently.  Please desist from this practice.  There was a dog fight at the Fun Run yesterday.  This is not acceptable to us and we ask for your cooperation to ensure our school is a safe place for our students.


Thank you in anticipation,

Mr Colin Torr